The CEO of Standard Filter, Toby Wiik, released the following statement regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic: “The country has been shaken by the news of the COVID-19 pandemic. The cause for concern is genuine but the battle can be managed and won. I want to reassure you that Standard Filter has made a number of … Read more

This is Costing Your Facility Thousands of Dollars Every Season – Part 3

Increased likelihood of Depth-loaded filters requiring more energy and resources to clean Increased pores, dense media, and removal of the finish all aid in the development of depth-loaded filters.  Like it was mentioned before this is where smaller dust particles enter deep into the media substrate causing un-reversible plugging up. The problem is your plant … Read more

This is Costing Your Facility Thousands of Dollars Every Season – Part 1

Season after season almond huller facilities are making one mistake that is costing them thousands of dollars a year.  Ironically, this one mistake is adding extra production hours, increased energy cost, lost productivity, extra wear and tear on equipment, and increased emissions.  This mistake is actually motivated by an attempt to reduce cost.  Let’s dive … Read more

The Two Faces of Industrial Air Filtration

Industrial Air Filtration require filters that will remove solid particles from the airstream.  The air from which particles must be removed is known as process air.  As is implied by the name, air is a requirement for manufacturing the end product such as steel, cement, aspirin, metal castings, numerous chemical compounds (Kaolin, TiO2). Also anywhere … Read more

Industrial Filtration – Product Recovery – Powered Milk

Industrial Air Filtration require filters that will remove/recover Industrial Air Filtration the solid particles from the end product being manufactured such as cement, aspirin, Kaolin, TiO2, powdered milk, baby powder, rice, flour, and many more. Powdered Milk is big business in the US.  Producing over 1 million metric tons makes the US the largest single … Read more