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Standard Filter provides filters and dust collectors for Glass Manufacturing processes

Glass Manufacturing Industry

From the batch house to packaging we help you control emissions better. We have filter bags, cartridges and pleated elements that perform. If you are having issues like:

  • Abrasion– If your dust collector is set up correctly your filters should be lasting several years, not several months.  The filters can only do so much with an incorrectly configured inlet. We can help steer you in the right direction and get your dust collector dialed in and your filters lasting longer. We have filter bags with advanced tough permeable skins that resist abrasion yet still allow for high production rates.
  • Moisture – A dust collector can turn into a nightmare if you are getting moisture introduced. Dry dust is easy to handle but if you are battling moisture we can recommend filters specifically designed to give you a better chance at success.
  • Elevated Differential Pressure- If your dust collector is working too hard it’s costing you in many areas: productivity, electrical load, filter life. We have replacement filters that can get your collector “breathing” normally again.

Let us “take a look under the hood” and let you know what’s going on with your dust collector. Simply send us a used filter of yours. We will perform a detailed analysis and provide you with a written report detailing what we see and steps to improve.

PDFDownload Filter Analysis Submission Form – File Size – Approx. 55 kb