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Dust Collector Filter Bags

Dust Collector Filter Bags (Click on your dust collector OEM from the list below to get an immediate quote) Aaron Aerodyne Aeropulse Aget Airtrol Air Conveying Air Sentry Allen Sherman Hoff Amerex American Air Filter American Std Argo Blower Astec Industries BACT Engineering Balox Bahnson Hawley-Norblo-Envirotech Barber-Green Baumco Belco Bituma Construction BMG Brandt Engineering Buell/Norblo … Read more

Specifying A Filter Bag

Specifying A Filter Bag There are 5 primary steps well will walk you through when ordering your filters. Step.1 MATERIAL SELECTION (choose the right filter media for your application) You should choose the media from which your filters will be constructed based on the type of application they will be used for. Take the following things … Read more

Filter Media Specifications

Filter Media Specifications Low Temperature Material Specifications High Temperature Material Specifications Specialty Material Specifications Low Temperature Material Specifications 10 oz. Polyester Shakerfelt 12 oz. Polyester STYLE PE10SU STYLE PE12SU PRIMARY APPLICATIONS DRY FILTRATION PRIMARY APPLICATIONS DRY FILTRATION PROPERTY U.S. SYSTEM PROPERTY U.S. SYSTEM FIBER CONTENT 100% POLYESTER FIBER CONTENT 100% POLYESTER CONSTRUCTION NEEDLE PUNCHED, SELF-SUPPORTED … Read more

Filter Media

Filter Media Low Temperature Materials High Temperature Materials Specialty Materials Low Temperature Materials Specifications Filter Media Chemical Resistance Chart POLYESTER FELT/DACRON® Recommended continuous operation temperature: 275°F Maximum (short time) operation temperature: 300°F Supports combustion: Yes Biological resistance (bacteria,mildew): No Effect Resistance to alkalies: Fair Resistance to mineral acids: Fair+ Resistance to organic acids: Fair Resistance … Read more

Wire Cages

Wire Cages Standard Filter supplies dust collector cages as well as filter bags. We provide a wide range of configurations to best fulfill your needs. Cage constructions consist of 10, 12 or 20 vertical wires. The horizontal ring spacing on the cage can be 4″, 6″ or 8″. If plenum height restrictions are a problem, … Read more

Filter Cartridges and Pleated Bags

Filter Cartridges and Pleated Bags Standard Filter offers a wide variety of industrial and commercial cartridge filters. In most cases cartridges can be custom made in various sizes and constructions to fit your specific requirements, along with high temperature capabilities, fire retardant, PTFE membrane, conductive and high efficiency type materials. Standard Filter also provides various … Read more

Hardware and Accessories

Hardware and Accessories Diaphram Valves / Pilot Solenoid Valves Quick Release Clamps Eye Bolt Caps / Hangers Eye Bolt Caps / Hangers Gauges Broken Bag Detector Goyen Bulk Head Connectors Rca Goyen Flanged Valves Rca Goyen Threaded Valves Goyen 4 Series Pulse Jet Valves Information Quick Release Clamps Diameter Range Clamp Number 500-072 500-104 500-128 … Read more

Maintenance Powder

Maintenance Powder PRE-GUARD™ (Prestart Powder) is used as an initial control layer on the filter bags. It also helps in the release of the dust cake during the cleaning cycle, improves initial efficiencies and protects the bags during critical initial startup after rebagging. Prestart powder is packaged in 34 lb. bags. (Covers 680 sq. ft. … Read more

HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters Standard Filter has HEPA filters for those applications where extreme particulate control is needed. Whether it’s after-filter capture or clean room we have the HEPA units you need. Efficiency ranges in three increments of 99.97%, 99.99% and 99.999%. Search Terms 51347, RGF226M, Click Here for a Quote On HEPA Filters!

Filter Media Chemical Resistance Chart

Filter Media Chemical Resistance Chart Note:G = Good, F = Fair, X = Not recommended,- = No data available Polyester Polypro Nylon-6 Aramid/Nx Acrylic Modacrylic PVC PVDC PTFE/Teflon PPS/Ryton Glass Cotton Wool Temperature Limit �F 266 212 212 392 284 158 140 140 428 356 500 212 194 Temperature Limit �C 130 100 100 200 … Read more