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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Protecting the environment for present and future generations with innovative solutions in pollution control.


Standard Filter Company is committed to our customers by offering to them the experience of a reliable dedicated team that strives to respond to their needs, meeting or exceeding expectations. Our goal is to furnish our customer the solution that provides their organization the best value. We will not sell something they do not need. Our mission is to get it right the first time and every time.

Standard Filter Company is committed to our vendors by working together to achieve the common goal of satisfying the end user of the product or service. They are partners in our mission to serve the customer. We not only expect, but require the same responsiveness and dedication from our vendors that we offer to our customers. We, in turn, are committed to being good stewards of the credit offered by our vendors and to repay our obligations in a timely manner.

Standard Filter Company is committed to our team members by offering a friendly, family-centered workplace. We require respect be shown for fellow team members across all levels and departments. We encourage dialogue for constant improvement. We focus on maximizing strengths and correcting weakness with leadership tempered with forgiveness. We care about each other and support one another.

Standard Filter Company is committed to our community by supporting various organizations that seek to comfort and heal both physically, psychologically and spiritually, those whose lives have been torn apart by circumstances out of their control. We encourage and support time away from work for our team members to support community service and to make a meaningful contribution for others.


  • Honesty:  There is truth, and then there is everything else.
  • Integrity:  To mean what we say and do with sincerity.
  • Respect:  To treat everyone we encounter as our neighbor.
  • Family:  To balance work and what it provides with the reasons why we work.
  • Faith/Belief:  To know our purpose and place in life.