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Hardware and Accessories

Quick Release Clamps

Diameter Range

Clamp Number

  • 500-072
  • 500-104
  • 500-128
  • 500-152
  • 500-188
  • 620-390


  • 2.0000
  • 1.7500
  • 1.7500
  • 2.0000
  • 2.0625
  • 22.8750


  • 5.0000
  • 7.0000
  • 8.5625
  • 10.0000
  • 12.3125
  • 24.8750
With Standard Filter’s Snap-Lock clamps, installation time is reduced considerably over that of traditional worm gear clamps. Simply insert the band, pull tight, lock and with 2-3 turns of the screwdriver you’re set. The clamp features a 1/2″ 301 stainless steel band, 410 stainless steel bridge and a 5/16″ hexhead screw.
Clamps are used on raw edge top bags or cord bottom bags fitted to a thimble.
Additional sizes are available upon request.

Eye Bolt Caps / Hangers

Replacement caps for reverse-air baghouses are available from Standard Filter. We carry various sizes from 5″ diameter through 12″ diameter in both 18 gauge and 20 gauge carbon steel. Eye bolt configurations can be made opened or closed to match your bag hanging hardware. We also supply stainless steel and galvanized caps for areas where corrosion is present.
Standard Filter provides a variety of different types of hangers; single loop, double loop and coined loop just to name a few. Hangers are constructed of 3/16″ diameter wire and available in both carbon and stainless steel.

Venturis / SonitecT Nozzles

Venturis adds to the cleaning efficiency of pulse-jet baghouses. Standard Filter offers a wide variety of styles and sizes for both top and bottom removal cages. We supply either spun or cast venturis manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel.
Also available from Standard Filter is an alternative to venturis:
SonitecT 2000 Nozzles
SonitecT 2000 Nozzles
These may be used for new and retrofit installations. No more venturis means a larger flow area and less pressure drop without sacrificing cleaning efficiency. The concentrated air blast from the SonitecT 2000 provides cleaning action for bags up to 20 feet in length. SonitecT Nozzles screw directly into the blow-pipe and never need replacing.
Available in brass or stainless steel.


Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges

Photohelic Differential Pressure GaugesSwitch

Broken Bag Detector

What It Does

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