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Heriberto Dorado

Duties:Shipping/Receiving/Traffic Off Duty:Play soccer, running, coaching soccer team, have a walk with my dog. Native of:Tecate, Baja California Tenure:3 years Ask Me About:Classic cars and sports. Talk To Me: Linkedin Envelope

Fabiola Rabago

Duties:Production Supervisor Off Duty:Cook a new dish every week for my kids, listen music, watch nature documentaries, keep learning new things every day. Native of:Ensenada, Baja California Tenure:3 years Ask Me About:How to make the best shrimp ceviche and fish tacos. Talk To Me: Linkedin Envelope

Antonio Hernandez

Duties:Branch Manager Off Duty:Hiking, camping, farming, rescue cats, and enjoy 3 large cups of coffee Sunday morning. Native of:Tulancingo, Hidalgo Tenure:3 years Ask Me About:Technology, books, art cinema, and Rock Music from A to Z Linkedin Envelope

Amy Cannon

Duties:Customer Service/Receptionist Off Duty:Shuttling kids around, family trips, BBQ’s & get togethers, cooking, running & gym, learning mechanics, church functions and hairstylist Native of:Bellflower, CA Tenure:6 wonderful months Ask Me About:Healthy foods Linkedin Envelope

Victor Del Rio

Duties:Manufacturing Operations Manager Off Duty:I enjoy spending time with family & friends, watching / playing baseball and riding my Harley as much as I can. Native of:Los Angeles, CA Tenure:1 year Ask Me About:Baseball, Aerospace, Harleys. Linkedin Envelope

Andrea Morales

Duties:Production Planner, Floor Engineer Off Duty:Photography, reading, going to the gym, drawing, video games, board games Native of:Tecate, Baja California Tenure:1.5 Years Ask Me About:Art, photography, video games, fantasy and/or thriller books Linkedin Envelope

Christian Penuelas

Duties:Shipping & Receiving, Warehouse Off Duty:Biking, hiking, camping, exploring Native of:Baja California ( 34 years in California) Tenure:4 months Ask Me About:The unique places I find Linkedin Envelope

Melissa Rowland

Duties:CFO Off Duty:Going to the beach, Snowboarding, Movies, Spending time with family, Camping, Traveling, Padres Fan Native of:Carlsbad, California Tenure:16 years Ask Me About:Winning the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right Linkedin Envelope

Shelly Shoebridge

Duties:COO Off Duty:Softball, Sand dunes Native of:North Dakota Tenure:29 years Ask Me About:Bad Hops, Double Headers, Glamis Linkedin Envelope

Toby Wiik

Duties:President/CEO Off Duty:Surfing, Travel, Church Group, Camping, Skiing, trying to keep up with his 4 grandchildren Native of:Los Angeles, California Tenure:41 years Ask Me About:Filtration Media; Production and Application Assistance Talk To Me: 1-800-634-5837 Linkedin Envelope