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Dusty Dustless Replacement Filter Bags

Replacement Filter Bag Manufactured By Standard Filter

Product Specifications

Various diameters x 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ long
Woven Polyester, Cotton
General Dust control
We provide after-market filters guaranteed to fit the full line of Dusty Dustless dust collection units from their small bin vents to larger shaker and reverse-air collectors. We fit to the Griffin collectors as well.
We can also provide the retainer cages and venturis to fit Dusty Dustless collectors.
Griffin Environmental, 550-451SP, 600-448BL, 550-487SP, 600-484BL, 550-4101SP, 600-498BL, 550-661SP, 600-658BL, 550-687SP, 600684BL, 550-6103SP, 600-6100BL, 550-499SP, 600-499TL, 550-684SPSB, 600-684TLAV, 550-6100SPSB, 600-6100TLAV, 550-658SPSB, 600-658TLAV, 550-6120SPSB, 600-6120TLAV, 550-6144SPSB, 600-6144TLAV
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I have worked in this plant for 7 years in various capacities all of which relate to suppliers and I still maintain that you have been one of the best suppliers. You have always been dependable in getting us the product when requested and providing competitive pricing. Even going above and beyond when requesting training and reporting. It has truly been a pleasure working with you and I wish you continued success.
One of the best suppliers
BH, Pennsylvania