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Links Download Documents Your source for the most comprehensive pollution and contamination control information since 1974. UPS Package Tracking Air Quality Planning and Standards Blue Shield of California – Machine Readable Files (MRFs) (

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Document Download Download 2019 Product Catalog-Choose PDF or Flipbook format (large files each) Download Bag Analysis Submission Form – File Size – Approx. 55 kb Snap Band Installation – File Size – Approx. 167 kb Additional product information can be found in the online catalog above. If you do not find the information you are looking for … Read more


Glossary Absorption Process where one material consumes another as a homogeneous mixture in solution form ACFM Acronym for Ambient Cubic Feet per Minute     Acid dewpoint The temperature at which acidic liquid droplets condense from the vapor phase. Acrylic Synthetic polymer fiber that goes by trade names Orlon, Draylon, and is composed of at least 86% acrylonitrile. There … Read more

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FAQ Below is a list of frequently-asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, go to our “Ask A Question” page and fill out the form to have a representative contact you with an answer. On my pulse-jet collector every time a row of bags is cleaned I get a puff … Read more