Replacement Filter Cartridges and Pleated Bags to fit Donaldson, Torit, Clark, MAC and other OEM's

Standard Filter offers a wide variety of replacement industrial and commercial cartridge filters to fit major manufacurer's collectors like Donaldson, Torit, MAC, Clark and many others (see list below). If you have a problem applications in most cases cartridges can be custom made in various sizes and constructions to fit your specific requirements, along with high temperature capabilities, fire retardant, PTFE membrane, conductive and high efficiency type materials. Standard Filter also provides various pleat spacings and pleat depths to solve filter cleaning issues.

Below is a brief listing of available filter materials and top and bottom constructions.

Samples of the 100% Cellulose, 80%/20% Cellulose/Polyester and Spun Bond Polyester materials are available upon request.


Standard Filter provides cartridges for many cartridge type collectors including the following:

100% Cellulose 80/20 Cellulose/Polyester 50/50 Cellulose/Polyester 100% Cellulose Flame Retardant
100% Spun Bond Polyester 100% Spun bond Polyester w/PTFE 100% Polyester Hydro/Oleophobic
All types, please call for details
Round ¢ 14x16 Rectangular Flange ¢ Screw Mount ¢ Gaskets
Open Closed ¢ Closed with Bolt Hole
Various internal and external supports are available upon request

Filter Cartridge Specifications

FILTER CARTRIDGES 100% Cellulose  
Basis Weight (lbs per 3000 sq. ft.) 79 lbs.
Frazier Permeability (CFM/sq. ft. at 0.5 inch H2O) 12
Caliper Overall (inches) 0.015
Corrugation Depth (inches) 0.032
Mullen Burst Dry (PSI) 54
Temperature Limit 200° F
FILTER CARTRIDGES 80% - 20% Cellulose/Polyester  
Basis Weight (lbs per 3000 sq. ft.) 80lbs.
Frazier Permeability (CFM/sq. ft. at 0.5 inch H2O) 14
Caliper Overall (inches) 0.029
Corrugation Depth (inches) 0.017
Mullen Burst Dry (PSI) 50
Temperature Limit 200° F
FILTER CARTRIDGES Spun Bond Polyester  
Basis Weight (lbs Per 3000 sq. ft.) 81lbs.
Frazier Permeability (CFM/sq. ft. at 0.5 inch H2O) 28-33
Mullen Burst Dry (PSI) 287
Temperature Limit 275°
Efficiency (depending on application) 99.95%

Standard Filter supplies aftermarket replacement filter cartridges for numerous OEM collectors.

Standard Filter supplies aftermarket pleated bags for numerous OEM collectors. Here are just a few:

  • American Air Filter (AAF)
  • Dustex
  • Dynamic Air
  • Farr
  • Fisher-Klosterman
  • Flex-Kleen
  • Max Equipment
  • Mikropul
  • PneumaFil
  • Torit®/Donaldson®
  • United Air Specialist (UAS)
  • WAM
  • Wheelabrator-Frye

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