SECH Award

Rules and guidelines for application:


1. The purpose of the SECH shall be to support students undertaking Swedish educational and cultural activities, which would be broadly interpreted to include such varied areas as history, political science, sociology, language, literature, and the arts and sciences.


2. The SECH is awarded annually to a student at an accredited college or university in California. Proposed study in Sweden is assumed to include a Swedish perspective merely by virtue of being carried out in Sweden. Minimum age 18 years. For details regarding subject area, see 9C below.


3 The SECH is in the amount of $3.000.00, payable ½ before and ½ upon arrival in Sweden. In exceptional cases, the amount may be split between two equally worthy applicants.


4. The recipient will be selected by a 4-member Jury, initially consisting of Lotta Wiik-Lambert (owner of Standard Filter Corporation, ex officio); Toby Wiik, President of Standard Filter Corporation; Carl Englund,  Ph.D.; and Professor Anne-Charlotte Harvey, Ph.D.


5. Jury selection:  After the first Jury has been appointed, subsequent external Jury members shall be recommended and selected by the current Jury.


6. Length of service on Jury: Jury members shall be appointed for 2 or 4 years respectively, or for such length of time as to avoid rotating two members off at the same time. In the event of unforeseen replacement or resignation, only one juror at a time should be replaced or allowed to resign.


7. The application cycle opens November 1st, and closes on the last day of February.


8. The award ceremony will take place at the headquarters of Standard Filter Corporation in Carlsbad, CA. The recipient need not be present if travel is a financial burden for him/her.


9. Criteria for selection of recipient:


                a. The recipient must be a citizen or resident alien of the United States,  enrolled as an undergraduate in an accredited institution of study in the United States.


                b. Minimum GPA of 3.25, verified by transcript.


                c. The subject area shall fall within the interest sphere specified above, i.e., broadly interpreted to include such varied areas as history, political science, sociology, language, literature, and the arts and sciences. The central criterion is that the recipient undertake study or a project in an area promoting and expanding the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Swedish culture, the Swedish presence in America, past and/or present, or the nature of the connection between Sweden and America, past and /or present.


                d. Evidence of academic achievements and civic contributions, such as previous awards and honors, work experience, volunteer experience, and extracurricular activities.


                e. Recipient must outline how honorarium will be used. If student is planning to travel/study in Sweden, indicate Swedish institution(s) of study and include proof of admission.


                f. The candidate shall express himself/herself clearly and concisely. The significance of the study or project and the expected outcome must be clearly stated.


                g. The candidate shall support his/her application with two letters of recommendation, one of which must be academic in nature and written within the last year by someone familiar with the student (e.g., a professor or academic advisor).


                i. The candidate's budget shall be realistic and describe in some detail how the SECH will be used.


                k. If deemed necessary for the successful completion of the study or project, Swedish language skills should be demonstrated by the applicant by including a brief introduction of self in Swedish.


                l. Upon return from study abroad or completion of project, the recipient will report back to Standard Filter Corporation. If recipient is from southern California, this report may take the form of a personal appearance or interview, within 3 months of return to the United States.  All recipients regardless of where they live will submit a written report.

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